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Professional Services, Latest Technology, Eco Friendly Products!

We, Bio Termite Control Company are providing residential and commercial pest control services. We use the latest method such as biotechnology and Eco Friendly. That enables us to be sensitive to environmental issues while effectively dealing with various harmful biological problems. For our service technicians, we provide extensive training to ensure they provide professional services to satisfy our customers.

Endless Reproductive Capacity

Termites have been thriving on this planet more than 250 million years due to their excellent adaptability and astonishing reproductive capacity. They are successful social insects which live in group, collaborate with each other, rely on a single-ethic colony, and usually have a sharp division of labor among social castes. The queen may produce 8000-10000 eggs in one night, totaling more than 500 million in her lifetime. A colony may have millions of termites and service for decades.

The Real “Destruction King”

Termites are most destructive to timber. Their vast colony can cause much damage and loss in a short period. They can live many years on an ideal environment. Termites are well adapted to concealed tunnels and thus difficult to detect before they have caused much damage to our house. They can even produce acidic substance to corrode metal in concrete structure to make trails to travel freely in walls without our notice. This allows them only to be discovered years later when much damage is caused beyond repair. Therefore, this requires expertise and experience to prevent them from building nest or eradicating them. The ordinary insecticides are definitely not working.

Why Us?

Advance System

We are expert in bait system to eliminate termite invasion. Our bait technology is patented.

Eco Friendly Treatment

Your health is our top priority. All our treatments are eco-friendly non harmful to you and your family. We do not use chemical spray.

Money Back Guarantee

We will provide full refund if our treatment failed to eliminate the termites infestation.

3 Years Warranty Period

We provide a 3 years hassle free warranty upon completion of our treatment.

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