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Enticing Termites Bait BoxEnticing Termites Bait Box

Termites colony elimination bait box. The most economical way to entirely eliminate your termite invasion problem!

  • No drilling
  • No need to apply high toxic insecticides.
  • Eliminate the whole colony
  • Save time and money
  • Environment friendly


Safe and Environment-friendly Termites Eradication System

Research shows that almost all food will attract termites.They are opportunistic hunters,one of their main behavior or instinct is searching for food. So, they will carry our bait home for the entire colony to consume. Our Termites-eradication system is based on long scientific research and is proved effective. It is also environment-friendly, low-cost and safe to humans, pets, plants and non-target organisms. Various experiments have proved it to be the safest system ever known. Furthermore, no drilling is required. Therefore, applying this system to the historic buildings and historical sites will ensure the original structure is not damaged. It is easy to apply and is fussfree. While termite eradication work is in progress, it does not interfere with daily work.

Termites Life Cycle

Termites nest each have their job. There are soldiers, Worker ants, Queen ants, King and reproductive (flood ants),which is responsible for making road, finding food, feeding and breeding. The main function of the Bait Box is to prevent the worker ants from fermenting the food, triggering them unable to feed the whole nest and causing the food supply chain to be interrupted. Consequently, the whole colony will be wiped out and the nest destroyed due to starvation.


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